Surg Cdr Manish Dangi – Indian Navy’s IRONMAN

Surg Cdr Manish Dangi – Indian Navy’s IRONMAN

Surg Cdr Manish Dangi – Indian Navy’s IRONMAN

Surg Cdr Manish Dangi is a keen fitness enthusiast with a penchant to do things that others only dream of. A doctor by profession, he has been a keen promoter of healthy living and fitness. The Officer has participated in various Iron Man competitions throughout India and has successfully completed each and every race. He has taken part in the Pune and Goa Olympic Ironman (1.5 km swimming, 45 km cycling and 10 km running), Chennai Half Iron Man (1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling and 21 km running) and numerous sea swimming competitions in Mumbai, Chilka, Chennai and Karwar.

Not satisfied with his achievements, the Surg Cdr enrolled and successfully completed the Chennai Full Iron Man challenge in Dec last year which is one of its kind in India. This is not a race for the faint hearted as it consists of 3.9 km swimming, 180 km cycling and 42 km running!!!

When quizzed on what keeps him going whilst attempting these dizzying feats, he simply says with a smile” Everything is hard before it gets easy”.

20 thoughts on “Surg Cdr Manish Dangi – Indian Navy’s IRONMAN

  1. Brig RK Chawla

    Indeed you are the hero amongst soldiers and a role model for millions of Indians youth. Even though your profession as a doctor is no less demanding yet you continue to persue your interest as iron man of defence services.
    Wish you more laurels.

  2. Viking

    He is Nuclear powered. Happens to be my colleague. A truly proffesional Anesthesiologist.
    Have seen him defying nature in human endurance.
    Is surely capable of doing any tough task, perhaps can’t fly.

  3. Blossom Bhatnagar

    Incredible feat Surg. Cdr Dangi.Wishing you many more laurels in future so that you continue Inspiring n motivating others to fight against all odds and live their dreams.All the Best and God Bless!

  4. Monika

    The armed forces has always provided heroes which inspire. You are one of those, Proud to know that doctors too are achieving fitness goals which we can only dream of.

  5. Manish Singh Dangi

    Thank you priyank, Viking, inderjeet , Chawla sir, Blossom Ma’am, Anand Sir, Monika, Chowdhary sir, Rounak, Vikrant for the appreciation and kind words. Regards

  6. Dr Vikram Singh

    Manish congratulations and keeo up the terminator spirit. I heard that you are genetic pure Jaat which also needs to be mentioned in one of your self motivators to take on this dangerous feat one after the other with a smile as if a kid eating candy. Amazing determination which deserves a salute of honour.

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