Know Your Pacers

Know Your Pacers


Lt Vipul Ruperee (21 km- sub- 2.00 hrs)

He is an alumnus of the 25th (NEC) Naval Engineering Course and is presently Engineering Officer of a Naval Warship. He has been participating in long distance running events since his NEC days and has since run seven full marathons and 28 half marathons, bagging various podium finishes along the way. As a first time pacer he wants to extend his running zeal to more runners and spread the joys and benefits of running. He believes that the initiative taken by the Indian Navy and the Western Naval Command in hosting this wonderful event is befitting the fine service i.e. Indian Navy. He believes that at the start line of a marathon you are already a champion, you have done what most others do not have the courage to do, ie START the run”. So let us run with one of the youngest pacers to achieve your sub-2 HM goal. He will surely share his wonderful stories of HMs and FMs while guiding you to finish 21.1 km within two hours.

Amit Kumar (21 km- sub-2.00 hrs)


Amit is posted at Naval Dockyard, Mumbai as a defence-civilian. Post completing a distinguished career as a 100 mtr & 200 mtr National level sprinter Amit started long distance running 05 years  ago and has till date finished forty one 10 km runs, 36 Half Marathons,10 Full Marathons and 04 ultra marathons including a couple of 12-hour Stadium Runs. Being a super fast runner, he has won  numerous podium positions in and around Mumbai/Pune. When asked why he wants to be a pacer, Amit says that there  is no better feeling than helping people achieve their goals. His message to runners on WNC Navy HM is “Dear runners, there  is no other community  which is obsessed about fitness than ours! this HM is not only a matter of national pride and naval might, but you will also be hosted and pampered by one of the  fittest and most  disciplined forces on the planet”! So come and be inspired on the go!!

Captain Praveen Nair (21 km- sub-2.10 hrs)

He ran his first half marathon at the inaugural Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon in 2004. A passionate runner, he has since run numerous half marathons in different cities and also has two Full Marathons under his belt. Although commanding the Indian Navy’s newest and most potent Destroyer; he makes time for his long runs whenever his ship is in harbour; while inspiring his officers and sailors to do the same. He is excited about the pacing opportunity  and looking forward to helping his group run their best and most memorable race. His mantra is “My run is my time alone  with myself and my thoughts; some of my best ideas come to me here.” So ladies and gentlemen, join Captain Praveen’s ‘WARSHIP’ on 19 Nov 17 and be led and inspired on the roads of BKC by one of the most distinguished leaders Indian Navy has, who not only leads his men by example but has also inspired many in his community to be healthier and fitter.

Cdr J S Deo (21 km- sub-2.10 hrs)

j s deo

CDR J S Deo is a decorated sportsman and has represented Punjab and the Services Team  in cricket at the Ranji Trophy. An excellent hockey player and athlete, the CDR has been an outstanding runner right from the age of six. During his training days at Naval Academy, he ran 10.2 km in 32 mins and 42 seconds, shattering the old academy record by a huge margin. A seasoned runner he has been running marathons from 2014.An ever smiling and insanely strong guy, for him running is a stressbuster which gives him immense pleasure and happiness.Being a Pacer for the WNC Navy Half Marathon 2017 is a matter of pride for him and he strives to motivate and pull all runners with over the finish line.

Lt Cdr Sudipto Roy Chowdhury (21 km- sub-2.20 hrs)

Lt Cdr Sudipto joined Indian Navy in 2011 after working for three years in private sector as he was fascinated by men and women in whites since his childhood. Officer discovered his passion for running in 2015 when he participated in his first marathon- the Vasai Virar Mayor’s Marathon. He says that this was a great learning experience for him and he became aware of his strengths following which he worked hard and has till date completed 20 full and half marathons!! An ardent cyclist, he has also completed multiple brevets over the past year. “Grit, Guts and Glory” is the motto he lives by. He says, “Being a pacer excites me as it not only gives me an opportunity to inspire others but also to learn from them. I will strive to help fellow marathoners reach their personal best.” Here is the opportunity to run ‘Stride to Stride, with Pride with a cyclist-runner who not only will give you all the right tips for your first duathlon or Iron Man but is also looking forward to learn from you.

Cdr Shantanu Mukherjee (21 km- sub-2.20 hrs)

Meet our 2.20 hrs pacer for 21 km. He is a helicopter pilot and has been flying for more than two decades both from the decks of warships at sea and ashore. This is what Cdr Shantanu Mukherjeehas to say about himself:-

“Hi friends, Flying is my profession and Running is my passion. I am one of the two, 02:20 hrs Bus (let’s call it Seaking helicopter) ‘Mover n Shaker’ for WNC Marathon 2017…..have got promoted for this edition as in the last one I was driving the 02:30 hrs Bus. My long distance running exploits of the past two years include about a dozen half marathons, two full marathons and one Ultra. My PB for HM is 01:51:22. I can also vaunt of pacing experience of three half marathons and two 10 Km runs. Any of you aspiring to complete WNC HM in 02:20 hrs or below can contact me at the earliest, and I can assure you that we will work together towards completing the run within 02:20 hrs or below. I am just a message or phone call away and personal assistance is guaranteed….”

So ladies and gentlemen, board Cdr Shantanu Mukherjee’s ‘chopper’ on 19 Nov 17 at BKC and have a ride of lifetime. He was one of the most motivating, inspiring and friendly pacers in last year’s navy half marathon and was seen connecting personally with each runner in his bus, ensuring they accomplished their target.

Surg Cdr Harjeet Singh, (21 km- sub-2. 30 hrs)


A specialist Dental Officer with Indian Navy, Surg Cdr Harjeet Singh is presently posted at INHS Asvini. He started long distance running in 2015. A keen sports person, he plays all field sports and games with the basic aim of staying fighting fit. His personal best in Half Marathon  is 1 hr 51 min and in Full Marathon 4 hrs 40 mins. He has been a pacer for Pinkathon, Mumbai in 2015 & 2016 and also in WNC Half Marathon-2016. His wife Mrs Swetha Singh is also pacing for sub-2.50 hrs in WNC Navy Marathon. He says, “Having served on-board the mighty aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, its a huge responsibility and matter of pride to carry the flag for the aircraft carrier run (21.1 km) and I hope to finish with as many on-board my SHIP as possible”. Listen to the stories of life on board an aircraft carrier from one of the most handsome and fittest pacers while ‘sailing’ with him at BKC on 19 Nov 17. What could possibly be a better way to start the day!!

Cdr Sourav Maiti (21km- sub 2.30 hrs)


Cdr Sourav Maiti took up ‘Amateur running’ at the age of 39 years and has till date completed 11 ‘timed’ Half Marathons and approx 2500 ‘running’ Kms. He has also participated in ‘Challenging Terrain’ runs like BNP 25.0 Endurathon, 10 Km Aarey Forest Run and Satara Hill Half Marathon. This year, he took up the ‘100 Continuous days of Running Challenge’ and covered 937 Kms in 100 days. Sourav volunteered to pace because he feels running is about ‘pulling together’ and ‘not to give up till the finish line’. Share Grit, Endurance and Determination of Cdr Saurav Maiti while he navigates you safely to the finish line within 2.30 hrs.

Lt Cdr Aditya Taragi (21 km- sub-2.40 hrs)

A sportsman by heart and a runner by chance, Lt Cdr Aditya has been into sports since his early days, but became addicted to running after his first marathon two years back. In his own words “Earlier, I ran to keep myself fit to play; now I play to keep myself fit to run”! The happiness, self-belief and satisfaction that crossing the finish line of a marathon provides, is incomparable”. His zeal to keep improving and encouraging other runners en route to achieve their best is what motivates him. It is worth mentioning that his better half Mrs Himanshi Deopa is also a pacer for Navy half marathon and will be pacing 10 km runners for sub-70 minutes. Join Cdr Aditya’s ‘ship’ on 19 Nov 17 to learn the advantages of running as a couple and achieving your goals.

Lt Cdr GS Malhotra (21 km- sub 2.40 hrs)


Lt Cdr GS Malhotra started long distance running three years back. He was greatly inspired with the spirit of Mumbai’s running community and decided to be a part of it. For him running is like meditation where an individual is connected to himself unaware of any external chaos. He has run 01 Full Marathon, 17 Half Marathons and numerous 10 km runs. He is an old hand at pacing and has been pacing at Pinkathon Mumbai. Despite his very hectic sailing schedule, he finds time to run whenever and wherever possible. He believes in team work and intends to take along each and every runner to meet their target time. His motto; “Nothing is impossible ” and ” Sky is not the limit, we can go beyond it”.

Lt Cdr Mayank Tyagi (21 km- sub 2.50 hrs)

An alumnus of the 24th Naval Engineering Course, Mayank Tyagi is an avid runner from his training days. For him, running is a stress buster and a solution for all problems. He picked up long distance running two years ago and has since participated in numerous marathons. He decided to be a pacer so as to push other runners to achieve their best. Lt Cdr Mayank will be pacing the runners for achieving sub-2.50 hrs target.

Swetha Singh (21 km- sub 2.50 hrs)

Mrs Shweta Singh is an accomplished Bharatnatyam dancer, singer, golfer, marathon runner and a mother of two beautiful daughters. Running fascinates her. Inspired by her husband, she started running in 2015 beginning with Pinkathon. Motivated, it pushed her further to compete in the 10 km and HM categories. A fierce competitor, she keep the targets for herself in all streams of life. She says “Push till you give up. If someone tells you that you cannot do something then you have to do it”. Her husband Srg Cdr Harjeet Singh is also pacing 2.30 hrs ‘ship’ at Navy Half marathon 2017. This multi-talented lady will be pacing fellow runners to achieve sub-2.50 hrs target. Run with Swetha, the lady who can dance, sing, tee-off and give any one a ‘run’ for his/her money.

Lieutenant Commander Raghav Sarin (10 km- sub-60 min)

A hard working, charming and cheerful runner he completed Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2016 with a timing of 4 hours 20 minutes. He has also run a number of HMs and short distances during last three years. Being a sport enthusiast, Lt Cdr Raghav has also participated in the Open Sea Swimming Competition organised by Indian Navy, a grueling 6 km race off Mumbai Harbour and completed the distance in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Every time he reaches the finishing line he feels that he has reached a new milestone which inspires him to keep running with grit and enthusiasm and do better next time. He keeps motivating himself to improve in all aspects of life. His advice to all runners is “Make running your passion and follow it”. Lt Raghav will be pacing the fellow 10 km runners to achieve a sub-60 minutes target.

Cdr Kaustubh Deshmukh (10 km sub-60 min)

Cdr Kaustubh Deshmukh is a qualified helicopter pilot in the Navy. An alumnus of the Naval Academy, Cdr Kaustubh has been a decorated athlete at school and in Academy winning awards for 100/200 mtr sprints and 5k runs. As a long distance runner, he has participated in various 10 km runs and half marathons. He is an experienced pacer and has paced in the WNC Navy marathon-2016 and Pinkathon, Mumbai last year and terms it as a great learning and satisfying experience. His motto and message to all is “Get running for health and happiness”.

Cdr TRS Kumar (10 km- sub-70 min)

Cdr TRS Kumar is an alumnus of NDA (National Defence Academy) so the running, sports, leadership and motivation runs in his veins. He became passionate about long distance running about three years back.  He has taken part in several long distance runs in Mumbai and has made many friends in running community. He feels running is a life long journey and that even a short run is better than no run at all. He recently took part in La Ultra 111 km run at Ladakh and also 6-hour midnight run at Mumbai.  His best 10 km time to-date has been 51 minutes and his running goals are to complete 10 km in 40 min & finish La Ultra 111 km in 2018. He has paced for WNC Indian Navy half marathon-2016 & Pinkathon, Mumbai. He enjoyed every moment of pacing and motivating the fellow runners. He says, ”I find the joy of guiding fellow runners complete the run in their desired time to be immeasurable”. So, ladies and gentlemen,do join Cdr TRS Kumar’s 70 min ‘ship’ for 10 km.

Mrs Himanshi Deopa (10 km- sub-70 min)

Himanshi is a runner, an avid trekker, a mountaineer, aspiring traveler and a proud naval wife. She works at Zee Digital as a Project Manager.  She started her marathon journey in Jan 2015 with the Hiranandani Powai marathon. Initially she ran to maintain her fitness, but soon got hooked to the sport and started loving it. Since then she, along with her husband Lt Cdr Aditya Taragi has completed many long distance runs which include 4  half marathons and multiple 10 kms. Her husband, Lt Cdr Aditya is also a pacer and is pacing 2.40 hrs ‘ship’. She finds nothing more satisfying and joyful than motivating others to achieve their best. She says, “the very thought of being able to give something to this fine institution and community encouraged me to be the pacer for WNC Indian Navy Half Marathon”.

Mrs Rakshita Bhat (10 km – sub-80 min)


Rakshita Bhat is a proud naval wife and a working professional who loves to paint & cook. She has participated in a few half marathons and 10 km runs till date. Running is part of her daily routine and it helps her feel energetic, recharged and bright. During her runs, she has followed Pacers who helped her to complete the runs within the targeted time. She intends to help many others in the same way.

Lt Ruchika Sethi (10 km- sub-80 min)

Lt Ruchika Sethi, a Logistic officer who joined the Navy in 2013 post her graduation and gaining work experience outside. A keen fitness enthusiast, Lt Ruchika has participated in various 10 km and half marathons till date. As per her, the great satisfying opportunity to help runners achieve their goal is what inspires her to be a pacer. She is on a mission during the Navy Half Marathon to ensure that no runner gets left behind.


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