Event Prizes

Prizes worth Rs 4 Lakhs to be won!

Prizes of Nautical flavour for the winners:

Event Prizes Rules

  • All prize amounts are in Indian Rupees
  • The prize money shall be given to winners in the form of Cheques and Bank Transfer only.
  • The winners’ names in the different categories will be announced at the conclusion of the races . However this will be a tentative list, subject to final analysis and confirmation by the Race Officials and Timing authority.
  • To ensure a fair and free distribution of the Prize money, the winners will have to sign and submit a declaration, agreeing to abide by the rules and regulations. The winners may be asked to provide original documents for identification and age proof.
  • The winners’ cheques will be sent by registered post, the bank transfer will be done within 30 working days after the event, once the winners’ list has been ratified by the officials and there are no conflicting claims over any particular Prize / Ranking.
  • Prize Money winnings are subject to Indian Income Tax Rules as applicable and taxes, if deductible, would be borne by the winner.
  • The first three finishers from each of the Age group categories will be entitled to the prize money in their respective Age group category.
  • However, if a runner from an Age group category ends up among the First Three winning positions of the Open category, then he/she will be entitled to receive the prize of the higher category; the prize from the Open category. He/She will be eligible for Open Category only and not both the category.
  • Finish positions of both half marathon and 10K (men and women) finishers in the Open Category for prize money entitlement will be based on the GUN TIME alone. [ NOT CHIP TIME ]
  • The Age Categories, ie. Veteran & Sr. Veteran will be based on CHIP TIME.
  • In case any question arises or a controversy exists that is not already covered by the prize/ranking rules, the decision of the Organisers will be FINAL . Organiser’s decision on rankings and entitlements of prize money will be final and binding on all.
  • Event Prize subject to verification and deduction of tax.