Cmde. Joginder Chandna is a serving officer in the Indian Navy. He ran his first Half Marathon at SCMM 2013 with a timing of 1:56, and the second HM was 11 months later at ADHM 2013. Before he ran his Full Marathon at SCMM 2015 with a timing of 4:14, he had already run a 50 kms at the Bhatti Lakes Ultra in 2014 with a timing of 5:40. He thereafter shifted focus to Ultras, by running at the SPBM Benguluru 12 Hours Stadium Run 2015 (94 kms), at the Bangalore Ultra 24 Hours Challenge 2015 (145 kms) and at the SPBM Benguluru 36 Hours Stadium Run 2016 (210 kms). His PB in Half and Full Marathon stands at 1:47 and 4:01 respectively. He, alongwith Ms. Meenal Kotak, also ran 42.2 kms for 10 consecutive days in Mar/Apr 16 as the inaugural event in their Miles into Smiles Initiative, and also ran from Delhi to Jaipur in Jul 16 as part of the Great India Run.